So many questions!

I've got my gyne apt in mid march and I think this will involve a laparoscopy as the doc has referred me with what he thinks ( and I've been saying for months) is endo. I am in so much pain and have strong pain killers from the doc but not really sure how to manage it for another 6 weeks. I want to make sure I make the most of the apt as I don't want to have to go back again- any advice?

K x

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Hi hun.

Keep a notepad of your pain and on the bad days have a scale of 1 to 10 and show this to your doctor, also list the usual symptoms that you are feeling, back pain, pelvic pain, etc. Also write the questions that you have down. I done that for my appt and they organised for me to have a lap in Dec and they diagnosed me with endo which they "removed".

Keep the notepad handy cause a question could just pop into your head and you dont want to forget it for later in the day. Just remember to be honest and its good to have it all written down and you can write down what their answer to your question is so its not an information overload and forget what was said as soon as you leave. Even if you think you have the most stupid question to ask, it doesnt matter, ask it.

I found that having everything wrote down helped a lot cause I am a forgetful person so i did write down what i wanted to know and the symptoms I have and I wrote down what my gynae said to me. It helped a lot cause it meant that once I left and got home I could go through what was said. For example I put "Will I need a Lap?" if he was to say yes then I had further questions regarding the Lap, how long will I be under for? what if endo is found? what if it isnt found, where do we go from there? No question you have is a silly question cause its important to you

I hope this helps and you arent in too much pain today :)

Rach xx

Thanks Rach,

I have started making notes and writing everything down! Hope this helps me get everything across when I see the doc!

K x


No problem. It should help cause then you wont forget anything if its all written down. Just go down the list of symptoms and pain then go through the questions :)

Rach xx

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