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Just some advice really?


I had my follow up app after my lap 2 weeks agmo, I told him my pain is back but worse, but he said he can't do anything for 3 month cos its too early to tell. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday now, how do I go a go about getting some pain relief I can't hack the pain anymore, some days I can't even get my daughter to nusery I'm in that much pain to go out?

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Your doctor can give you strong painkillers like tramadol, There is a lot of diff pain relief u can get so just ask them. I was in alot of pain after my lap and still suffering terrible periods and was given tramadol which do help but they make u drowsy. the worst thing about stronger pain relief is they usually make u drowsy which isnt good for during the day. I had my lap done on the 29th nov and it took me till mid jan to start to feel a bit better. xx


Was the pain worse when you were menstruating? If you had a lep to get rid of endometriosis it can take some months for your body to heal after any laser treatment, and even without the laser treatment the prodding and probing with their instruments will only cause pain afterwards. I would wait it out a few more weeks and if the pain does get worse then contact your GP. It took me at least a month to feel better after my lap.


I'm not sure if it was worse, I'm on the depo so don't actually menstrate. I've got an appointment for Thursday cos u can't back it no more. my lap was 2 months ago now, I know not long ago but the pain I'm getting is like the same pain before but so much more painful :(


Maybe the treatment they're using doesn't quite agree with your body. Good luck with the appointment and lets hope they have a solution to this ongoing problem.


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