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Can endo spread to ribs?

I had a lapo on 17.12.12 and within at least 2 weeks pain again but so much more intence, not just in my pelvis and back but my ribs too, is it possible to come back that quick and is it possible to be in my ribs/ that area?

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it could maybe still be wind/gas from the surgery the tips of my shoulders my ribs and my back were pretty darn painfull after the opp traped wind caused a good bit of it make sure ur not takening in fizzy drinks maken it worse .. its just a maybe though always best to reffer it to ur doctor


It could also be bruising, they pull you around a bit during those laps. And as gone said the gas won't have helped.

I doubt the rib pain is endo related to be honest. x


Hi, just felt I had to answer this as I've suffered with horrendous rib pain for years and it was cyclical. It was always worst in the week to ten days leading up to a period. After a bit of research and talking to my consultant, I've got all the symptoms of having endo up there. My consultant does not want to operate as it is so hard to access that area and it feels quite deep in the rib cage. I have no doubts whatsoever it is endo. It is not there all the time but when I have the pain it hurts to speak for any length of time. The rib pain is always on the right side and I've now found that endo in that area is almost always on the right.

I hope this helps, xx


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