Does anyone experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding not just before periods but any time of the month?is spotting associated with endo?

I experience spotting or breakthroughs any time of the month. I have got endometriomas. I am on zoladex but have these spotting in months. My doctor says it is endometriosis. Can anyone please let me know if you experience the same.

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Hi, when I had my first course of six Prostap injections ( which are similar) I regularly spotted at any time if the month. There was no pain or anything though. Hope this helps

Thanks, this is my second injection...yet spotting and sometimes bleeding. Did you have spotting on all injection in course of six injection.

Can't remember exactly as its ten years ago now but I seem to think it lasted for about four months. It was worth it as after that I was well for a few years. Two years ago I had Prostap again along with Mirena coil and the bleeding was awful and I needed Noristerone to stop it. I'm not sure whether the Prostap or coil were to blame that time! When it did settle after about two months I was able to stop the Noristerone and just had light periods while on the Prostap.

I too have bleeding on zoladex....on my second injection. The bleeding is not too heavy. I think prostate and zoladex are the same and I've heard you can have bleeding on it.

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