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Do i have endo?

since i started my periods, my periods have always been irregular but very heavy and very painful, sex has always been painful for me and sometimes i bleed during sex. Also i have suffered from a lot of UTI's since starting my periods. They did swabs for STI's and an internal scan, the scan turned out that i had several cysts on both ovaries so they did my bloods and it turns out that i don't have poly cystic ovary syndrome, so they are doing a laparoscopy on friday. I also suffer from IBS but thats only been for the past few months. i also have a cyst on my brain, but they don't know what it is and don't want to mess about with it and i have read that endo can occur in the brain, Thank you.

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It certainly seems like you have a lot of the common symptoms of Endo however they won't know for sure until a laparoscopy is done so you are doing the right thing. Bear in mind also that a lot of people are misdiagnosed as having IBS when they actually have Endo (although I'm not saying you can't actually have both). I know that Endo can present itself in lots if areas in the body but I'm afraid I can't comment on the Endo on the brain it's not something I'm familiar with. Best wishes for Friday I hope you get all the answers you need. Take care x


you have all the classic symptoms bethkins, i too was mis diagnosed with ibs, best thing to do is go get your lap on fri and see how that goes! hope all goes well on friiday xx


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