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Heavy bleed after sex

About 5years ago i had terrible pain on intercourse & slighg blee afyer sex, afyer a few months i went off to the gp (who was a muppet at that time but ive since changed doctors surgery) i was eventually referred to gynae, smesr test showed abnormal cells for cervical cancer & an erosion.

I jad a colopscopy (spectulum camera, electrical cortorisation.)

Then 4year later of agony i was finally diagnosed with severe endo.

Ive had 3coils, depo injection, 1 implant, cerzette & northisterone, as well as the horror of zoledex ( never again)

And alsorts diet changes, of pills & potions!

(As well as a diagnostic lap op which they removed much endo from

Bladder & bowel, pouch of douglas & womb ligaments )

Zoledex made me very ill.

Currently i take northisterone 3wks out if 4. Menefemic acid & cocodomol 30/500mg; help me get by day to day.

Im back at coloscopy & gynae 7th feb. just hope i get a decent consultant this time as its hit & miss as is when i see the doctor (theres 2 very good, one ok & one i decline to see at all out of female ones )

Anyone the same, thoughts, exp? Thoughts on zoledex, on diet?

Just this past week has been awful & i cant see an end to it at the moment.

Thanks ?? liz ??

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oh poor you you really have had a bad time. I think the best thing to do is to write out questions you want to ask the specialist before the appointment. It might also be a good idea to take someone with you. Sometimes you get confused in appointments. I know my first was a waste of time because after the internal exam I wasn't fit to even ask a question.

If you have a good doctor - ask for a second opinion if you don't agree with the verdict - they will give you good advise and time to make decisions. They usually don't do anything in a hurry. Take your time and research your options. The gluten free diet does help some people but it is really hard to stick to. If you are like me you have to take loads of meds to cope with the painkillers and will feel sick a lot of the time. It's a balancing act and only you know how you will cope with it. Good luck, remember you are your own best advocate so don't give up. Hope you feel better soon.


Yes im taking my husband this time. Not for the colopscopy ( hed faint!) but to consultamt & i just feel like saying right leave me the hell alone now. Im not a guinea pig anymore.

Everytime i see a gynae they all have a different idea.

Last one i saw (big burly scary woman i could hardly understand) she said its onky minor endo.......!!!!

When i had my lap the surgeon came to see me begore i wrnt hime & told me its the worst case in the north west she had operated on in a good ten yesrs!

And classed me as moderate to severe endo....

Its everywhere!

So i hope i dont get her again! I just want to be left alone right now sort the abnormal

Cancerous cells & erosion & then leave me alone!


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