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Hello has anyone had bowel excistion surgery?

Hello has any one has bowel surgery where they take a bit of your bowel out and stich it back together. I have recently had mri it has shown endo bk on my bowel where gyni shaved it of last time. Now I have to have bowel surgery im on a waiting list. Just wondering if any one else has had this as im a bit worried.

If so what was it like.?

Painful afterwards.?

How long was recovery?

Thank you :-)

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Yes I have had a full hystorectomy with a bowel resection, make sure they have a bowel Surgion to do the opp . I had a Bowel Surgion and a gyne Surgion . I would say about two months before any normality comes back , but my Surgion said it can take up to a year or two for you bowl,to fully recover, it depends on which bit and how much they are taking. I was warned I may have a bag and was measured up for it before surgery . That was very upsetting , but It was a precaution and I didn't need it ,thankfully ,

there was pain after and you will need laxatives to help you go, although I didn't go to the loo for about two weeks after, and very carefully you dont want to push and strain to much,

It is just over a year since mine and I'm still on laxatives a few times a week to ease it, because if I don't go for a while I get a dull ache in my back, but the bit they took from me was about 8 inches and it was the bit that moves all the poo out so it needs help form time to time , but each month I'm noticing its getting better,I think your bowel has to re lean what to do, after the shock of the opp, but I don't regret it , I feel so much better, and I don't have ibs like I was first told it was all because of the endo !

Hope this helps



I'm waiting to have a bowel resection, did you have trouble with weight gain before your op? X


I had a bowel resection 4 weeks ago and about a month before i put a stone. i tried dieting but couldn't shift it. It was the biggest i had ever been in my life. Sorry no answers but experienced a lot of pain prior to op so lack of physical activity must have has an impact.


Thank you nikki.. hope u carry on doing well ..

How long was you in hospital for?

I have adenomyosis but not keen on having my whome out until I have looked into having kids as im only 25.


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