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Pain during intercourse - in my head?

I was diagnosed last year after being fobbed off by doctors for 4 years. I have a really supportive partner, who has been so understanding but I still have trouble having sex. Most other symptoms have lessened since having treatment, and I think most the problems during intercourse is in my head - it hurt so much for so long that I just expect it to, and as a result tense up. However, we're due to be married soon, and going on honeymoon. My partner never pushes me, but I feel there's a certain expectation from me, and I.dont want to disappoint him. Has anyone got any tips on how I can get this nervousness out if my head?

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i used to get pain every time i had sex.. it was really my only symptom at 1st.. but since changing my diet to gluten free or at least cutting out as much gluten, wheat, sugar and dairy as possible.. i don't have the pain. i also drink ginger tea and i swear it helps me as its a natural anti inflammatory.. x


I suffer from eczema, and intolerant to wheat, so I have a wheat free diet anyway. Will try ginger tea! Thank you x



Firstly congratulations, I hope the wedding is everything you wish it to be.

I got married 4 months ago and had similar worries. I still get painful sex now, and as similar to you, my husband is really supportive, but I do still feel bad. Where possible I manage once a week. Honeymoon was tough, but make sure you talk about it with him, if you can't manage intercourse maybe you manage foreplay? Also, depending on where you're going on honeymoon make sure you've got lots to keep your mind occupied, like relaxing day trips for example. When absolutely necessary I took a dose of PK's if I thought sex was on the cards, but that is my last resort. I find I relax better if he gives me a (very gentle!) back or shoulder massage just before. But I think same, even on days where it may not hurt so much, I find it painful still and ifficult to relax into. I drink lots of ginger tea too, I think it does help!!

Hope this makes sense. Take it easy and make the most of it!! :-)



Thank you. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I'm far from being a prude, but I find it really hard to talk to people about this, as its private, and I feel almost lije a failure. I'm hoping a week of relaxing in the sun will relieve any tension and help x


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