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Needing to urinate all the time and it's driving me crazy!

Started in October with what I thought was cystitis...given 3 lots of different anti-biotics. Still suffering from back pain, fever and needing the toilet ALL the time. Then in November was told it was an infection in my uterus...more anti-biotics and still no joy!! In December went back to GP again for about the 8th time...was referrred to gyne in January and was told it is most def Endo. I am on the pill now and taking Nuproxen, however I feel like I need to urinate ALL the time and it is driving me mad!! Have lap booked in 6 weeks...any suggestions in the meantime????

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I had the exact same problem- I was going 18 times a day and 3 times at night. It was drilled into me to drink lots and lots and having cystitis previously I would rush straight to the loo. If they've confirmed it's NOT an infection then go back to drinking a normal amount. I found I had to re-train my bladder. I did this by ignoring the 'go' signal for 1 minute, and then slowly increasing the time untl I was back to a normal pattern . This took a lot of time and patience! If you are still struggling then there are drugs the GP can give you which will help dampen the go signal. I didn't try the drugs as I managed to train my bladder without them.

I would reccommend cutting down on caffiene as this excites the bladder and makes you wee more. I cut caffeine completely while training my bladder and now only have a cup or 2 in the morning.

Good luck xx


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