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hi im 32 and recently diagnosed wiv endo. took 6mths 2 b referred 2 gynae then ad a diagnostic lap where they found endo which they lasered off. this was in sept n all symptoms r back already,as i didnt get a follow up app wiv gynae went 2 gp but he didnt no wot 2 do as have allergies 2 painkillers n ave already tried contraceptive pill n other tablets so has referred me again. consultant spoke bout hysterectomy at last app. can any1 help me wiv wot i should discuss with consultant as i havent got a clue!! all i no is wot ive read on internet n feel completely in the dark...... thanks

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hiya Bek 79, iv been diagnosed recently too after a crazy 4+ years. A hysterectomy may not take pain away and you should only have an hysterectomy at a last resort. ask your consultant about prostap, I'm currently at the end of my 6month corse of prostap some of the symptoms which come with it arnt grate but i can get out of bed and almost lead a normal life which has been grate. do some research online on nhs direct or the endo uk site they have really helped me to make my choices through this so far. there is lots of info on what you can give you to try and help you. hope this helps. stay strong and remember you not alone x


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