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Advice on pelvic/bladder pain and irregular bleeding

Hello I need some advice I'm not sure what's wrong, I've been having pelvic/bladder pain with constant urine infections and irregular bleeding, for over a year .

Im seeing a gynaecologist and im on my second lot of Zoladex. After my first injection I bled for two weeks i was also sick!

In fact I feel awful most of the time! After my second injection I couldn't get out of bed as I kept being sick! I think the injection has helped with my pain, I am now going to see a euroligist too. Has anyone else had similar problems? Xxxxxx

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Did you bleed after your second injection too. I am on my second injection been bleeding on and off. I bled bad after my first injection....some women do.what does your doctor say about it


Hi there, I've only just had my second injection, no bleeding at the minute, it's normally heavy one week then spotting the next, but that's what it was like before the Zoladex! My gynae has said to complete the course of three injections, if it works and my pain stays away then I have to have a hysterectomy. I don't think mine is endometriousis. How are you?


Why do you think you don't have endometriosis? I used to bleed or have a breakthrough bleeding any time of the month. I went for transnational scan which showed huge endometriomas. ...was on progesterone for the last two years. My cyst grew a little after two year. So I was put on zoladex, so they can drain my cysts. First month it was a heavy bleeding...second month I have bleeding on and off. Did you ask the doctor why you bled on zoladex? Some of the answer I got from the forum that few women bleed. I am really worried why am I bleeding on my injections, where they say one shouldn't. The first month I bleed for 5 days heavy and then spotting for the rest. Will wait for your reply.


They said sometimes you can as Zoladex makes you feel like you are going through a menopause, I haven't had a follow up gynae appointment she just sent a letter to say to carry on. I was worried, I am now going to see a Euroligist as I have persistent urine infections, I didn't even realise till reading on here that endometriousis can be on the bladder.

I have to say my bleeding sounds simalar to yours are you in pain too? Please don't worry I'm sure they will sort it out I know how you feel it all takes so long! X


Good luck with your appointment with the urologist. Let us know....yah I have pain inspired of the injections....but the most worrisome thing is the bleeding on the injections. I am tired. Of bleeding and spotting.


My appointment isn't till mid feb just before my next Zoladex, so it will be interesting to see if I bleed again before I go. Speak soon


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