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anyone else get injections?

im 20 years old and was just recently diagnosed with endo after a laproscopy after 2 months of pain. i recently had an injection last month and was wondering did it work for those who had the prostap 3 injections as well? ive no-one i know that i could talk to that would understand how im feeling or what im going through at the minute. any advice or help would be much appreciated

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I've never had the 3 month injection, but the monthly injections have always helped me. They calm the endometriosis down and so stop or at least lessen the pain.

Did they do anything to the endo at your laparoscopy, or just diagnose you?

C xx


Hey. I had a lap and then the pain never went to later on i had the injections for 6 months when i was 2. it was a horrible experience been in thr menopause.the hot flushes were the most horrible thing and i didnt sleep the whole time i was on them because of this. After doing the 6months i didnt really benefit during and my endo is now still the same. A pointless thing if you ask me. X


I was 20 when i had them too it is supposed to say x


I had zoladex, if you're asking about having the three month injection instead of the monthly ones, personally I'd stick to the monthly ones. For me the three monthly ones didn't last longer than two months. The injections helped the pain for me and I have been on it twice, once for six months and once for two years. Hope this helps and if I can help further please just ask. x


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