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Horrible Cough

This is my second question in like 5 minutes, forgive me. About a week after my lap surgery, I developed a horrible cough. I have been seen a few times in the 3 months that I've had it. No one can figure out what is wrong with me. Had anyone experienced anything like this? I know I now have an immune system disease but I'm in the dark about what that really means. Could this cough be endo relates or is it taking me a long time to get better cause if my immune system? It is a very violent cough that wakes me at night and leaves me with sore ribs. So far prescription cough surpressents, antibiotics and an inhaler have given me no relief.

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Have you been thoroughly tested for stomach issues (stomanch bugs etc) or lung problems?

Sometimes the cough is a sign for these. I know a woman that she had that persistent cough especially at nights and after many check ups they did gastroscopy and found stomach bug. With the right medication she was fine. xx


I emailed my doc today updating her on new symptoms. I will suggest some stomach tests if she does not. Thanks for the feedback!


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