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Finding a new consultant

Hi girls to cut a long story short...after two operations and the pill not working I was put on zoladex and hrt to try and combat the pain and unfortunately it is not working for me and the pain is as bad as ever! At my last consulatation my gynae said that if it didn't work he would operate again and put me straight onto zoladex so hopefully endorse doesn't have chance to come back....in the meantime I have a new job and am moving from Kent back to Cornwall to be near my mum and dad (I really need them at the mo). Anyway realise that I am now blabbing and the story is no longer short....my question any tips for getting a new consultant (that knows what they are doing) Really worried that a new one won't be a receptive as the current one. Thanks rachel

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Hi Rachel

The first thing to do is to do a really good research online. Check which gynaes in your area are experts in endo, read their work and call even in their offices to see what kind of laps they are doing e.g. excision or laser etc, where they operate, if they are private and NHS etc.

Hopefully someone in this forum will be from your area and will recommend you someone too. Unfortunately I live in London, if you ever need someone here, I have a brilliant doctor to recommend.

Good luck

Jo xx


Hi Jo,

Would you be able to give me the name of your London based consultant? I've been looking for a good one for a while.




Worth finding out is there is an endo uk support group near you. They will be able to tell you their experinces of the consultants in the area.


Check out the Endo Uk website and download the leaflet called How to find a gynaeclogist. There is a great support group in Cornwall run by lovely Sarah--again details of it are on Endo-Uk website.

Also look on BSGE website to find an approved endometriosis centre where gynaecologists work with colorectal surgeons and renal specialists so they can deal with all aspects of your endo. Good luck with your move. x


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