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6 days post op and stll feeling awfully sick and painful

I am now 6 days post op and still feel extremely sick and have a lot of pain. I had endo taken off my bowel and ureta,my rectum straightened and the mirena coil put in.

Should I feel this sick????? (Yesterday is came in waves, today it is all the time!!)

I was also told by a nurse that I had a pint of fluid put in to stop everything sticking again. Another question is, how long before this fluid goes?

I seem to feel worse every day and I need to get well to look after my young family!!

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hi, you should still be resting after just six days you have had a lot done xxx I had quite a lot of dizziness etc when the coil was put in. I can't comment on the fluid as no knowledge but my previous op lots of work done took me four weeks to fully recover, this op (4th Jan) I'm feeling much better still tired though xxx if you have any serious worries see your gp they can ease your mind with answers xxx hope this helps xx


The fluid just absorbed shouldn't cause any problems!

Unless you notice a lot swelling redness etc could mean infection. Otherwise I wouldn't be concerned about that they regularly use fluid to wash things out to ensure stuff is washed away etc.

Hope you feel better soon.


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