Does anyone have severe endometriosis pain around ovulation time?

I have bad endometriosis pain 24 hours a day and every day. Then my pain is severe around my period and lately around ovulation time. I've been off work for 3 days now as I am in agony. I'm now trying slow release morphine tablets and it's not even taking the pain away. Just wondered if any of you lovely ladies have any similar experiences or any advice. I'm also thinking if it is linked to ovulation, when will it ease up. I'm trying to concieve and my consultant will not do anymore operations unless it's a hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries. :(

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  • I had severe pain during ovulation days until my period. So the only days I had moderate pain were 3-4 after my period and that was it. The rest were bad.

    I used heat pads and I followed the endo diet and didnt need any painkillers after a while. Yes I was in pain, but could handle it with no drugs. I think after a while the body adjusts to the pain levels too.

    Did you have recently a lap, so now you are trying for a baby? I had endo, all cleared now and my gynae told me to start trying too.

    Jo xx

  • My sister and I always knew when we were ovulating because it was painful enough that we could pinpoint the exact moment we popped..and sometimes which months would be twins.

    Some women do always feel ovulation and others do not. Certainly when my endo really kicked in, it played up at ovulation for a few days too. It is one of the common indicators for endo.

  • Impatient, I'm beginning to think we were separated at birth - I can still pinpoint the exact moment I pop :) (no idea why I used that smiley. I'm usually holding my breath and/or screeching...)

    Karen, I'm the same, in pain all of the time but peaks at period and ovulation time.

    Separately - change your consultant. Totally leaving aside the fact that it does not cure endo, if you are trying to conceive nobody should even be talking about hysterectomy. It may well be that your insides are now so complicated that he's not happy doing further surgery, but somebody else can probably help, particularly as you have such a special goal.

    Good luck, and lots of love

    C xxx

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