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Ttc and now having a Hysterosalpingogram (aka HSG) done soon. Has anyone had one of these? How was it?


I'm new to this site but glad i've found it. To cut a long story short after many years of suffering from endo and having lots of treatment i'm now ttc. We're into our 16th month now and undergoing tests. I've been referred for a HSG and was wondering if anybody had ever had one and could share there experience with me or if anyone with endo had a positive ttc story. Thanks x

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Hello Tilly11

I had an HSG done last year. My experience was that it was not necessarily painful but v uncomfortable indeed. But I think it was mostly to do with the fact that I have a retroverted uterus and they had quite a bit of trouble getting the catheter into my uterus! It longer than usual by which time it got really uncomfortable & a bit distressing! They tell u results there & then (ie whether your tubes appear to be open or not) but the full results would normally go to the requesting consultant which you should discuss at your follow up appt. Different women have different experiences & react differently with it so try not to worry about too much about it. Hope all goes well for you - good luck x


Hi, I ttc for 2 years and nothing happening. I was referred to the fertility clinic and just about to start fertility treatment when they decided to do a HSG first. I found it very painful - but I too have a 'tilted' uterus. BUT a month laster I fell pregnant! That was 6 years ago and he is my only one but I am happy to be blessed with one. It wasn't a nice experience and the doctor doing it couldn't understand why I was in so much pain, but quite frankly going anywhere near that end results in pain on me so not that unusual. Wishing you the best result, good luck x


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