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Fed up

Hi all, well I previously wrote a month ago about all my symptoms heavy periods lots of pain bloating etc but I havent been told I have had endo, just that I suffer from heavy periods. I had another scan before xmas and again all this showed was very thick lining but also that I have a tilted womb, I did have a cyst on my left ovary but that appears to have gone both ovaries were clear of cysts. I see my consultant this week who now wants to to have the lining removed as this will reduce or even stop my periods altogrther, but surely I should have been offered a laporoscopy to rule out endo or just to see if anything else is going on? any advise would be much appreciated.xxx

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Sometimes it depends on the gynae. Some doctors go for the lap straight away, and some others will try several treatments before giving the lap as an option.

You need to think seriously what you want to do, and what route you want to take, if you believe that you want the lap, try to put pressure or get a second opinion.

I was only 18 years old though, when becaose of non-stop heavy periods they removed the lining and it helps a lot. (if this is the only problem though). At that time that was the only problem with me and I was just fine after that. (the endo came 10 years later!) :/

Good luck xx


They cant see endo on an ultrasound. I saw the emergency gyno at the hospital today and she says I just have pelvic inflamatory disease, even though the one I saw in august (who ordered my laprasctomy) and I was told that if I get told a pid it probably wasnt at all, this lady wont believe me. Even though I am in agony she said take anti biotics for two weeks and go back if im still in pain. I cant work as I am! I just wanted better painkillers she said ti just keep taking them even though I said they dont work. The moral of this story is I am going to exercise my rights and ask for a second opinion. Your not kicking up a fuss or being a pain its your body and your right to get the help you need!!!


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