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How I found resolve through my personal Journey with Endometriosis

How I found resolve through my personal Journey with Endometriosis

I have had Endometriosis for over 15years. During that time, I tried everything and anything to get rid of it or at least try to live with it. It has been an interesting journey. At first I went down the typical routes of hormones and surgery and though it offered me some instant pain relief, the pain eventually came back.

After the 7th operation, I had simply had enough and decided that something had to change. I decided to explore a different method, one which to be honest.... I didn't put that much faith into. I decided to try the holistic methods of healing. At first it was really hard. It meant, I had to give up some stuff - social drinking nights twice a week, eating out on Pizza and Hamburgers. I was so used to just dealing with consequences with my body. If I was in pain, I would drink alcohol to numb it, when I felt nauseous, I would take medication to dilute it. I landed up taking a cupboard full of tablets with me, wherever I went because I simply didn't know which medication I might need.

My journey took me to emotional healing, ayurvedic medicine, chinese doctors and naturopaths. Some things helped and some things didn't but in the end, I have found stuff out about my body, that I never appreciated before.

I am mostly healed now. My Endometriosis is completely manageable and no longer rules my life. I am stronger, lighter and have heaps more energy than I ever had before.

Diet was one of my first and most important changes, leading a stress-free life was the second. I also understood the concept of "holistic" healing more - you gotta do all of it together for it to really work! I found detoxing gave me the greatest effects!

I want others to feel better with Endometriosis and shared a heap of my journey through my personal blog. It is all about my personal mission to find a cure for myself.

You can read about it here: cureendometriosis.com

Thank you for reading my story and I send you all a big hug in healing!

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Is your book available in the uk?

Dee xx


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