Period pain

Period arrived today and along with it I had the runs, severe pain from the top of my legs to my knees, sweating and almost passed out. Crawled into bed with hot water bottle pain passed after abut 45mins and I sleep for an hour. Up and about now but pale and exhausted. Have had this before and was told it was because I had a small cyst on my ovary. Has anyone else experience this?

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  • Hiya, sorry to hear you're suffering so much! I get pain like you have explained with every period. I didn't realise it was due to cysts?! Definitely something I'm going to look into though. Have you had scans done to check? When I was living with my parents I used to tell my mum when it was expected and (bless her) she used to bring me breakfast and pills with a few hot water bottles so I could stay in bed until it eased. Have you got any one living with you who can help you out when it's that awful?? Stay warm as much as possible. xx

  • Hiya thanks for your reply. I did have a scan over a year ago and it showed a cyst on my ovary which may have been causing the pain it did disappear though I suppose it could be back again. I am lucky enough to have a great husband who looks after me so like your mum I'm supplied with pills and the fantastic hot water bottle! Very frustrated though I have one wee girl who is thirteen I have had 3 miscarriages and suffer from urine infections. Honestly I'm becoming one of those moaning old ladies (42). What women have to go through xx

  • I used to get all those symptoms, plus pain mid cycle and really heavy clots, so bad I couldnt leave the house. The only way to diagnose endo is with a laparoscopy. It does not show up on ultrasound scans. You need to get referred to a gynae who is experienced in laparoscopic surgery. I had radical resection of end a few years ago, but it still came back. I then had 2 implants to put me in menopause, then had endometrial ablation. That stopped my periods and all the pain that went with it. I was 40 and didnt want further children. Now I have had menopausal symptoms and am on HRT, age 44, but am still getting symptoms of bowel problems as my womb was stuck to my bowel. However my new GP is stuck on IBS and wont consider a referral back to my gynae. But when you have experienced the pain of endo, you know what it is, we dont need GPs telling us its something else. I had a scan which of course was normal. My surgeon was Mr English in Brighton, he is one of the top endo surgeons in the country.

  • Hi Sarah thanks for replying. Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is Endo. I am a fairly healthy person and to be honest I only started experiencing problems after the birth of my daughter. I had a very complicated time during labour. It was a very long labour which ended in an emergency section after which I picked up an infection. The scar tissue I had after the section was treated with ultra sound for several months until I had enough. I can't help wondering if all of the above is the reason why I am having problems now?

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