Recipes for the Endometriosis Diet by Carolyn Levett

Hi Everyone,

I am new here and so glad to have found other people who are suffering with this terrible condition.

Have any of you heard of this book and tried it?

I tried it 3 years ago for 9 months and saw a significant difference in pain but the diet was really hard to stick to and i fell off the wagon and have suffered ever since.

I have started the new year on the diet but probably wont see results for a couple of months.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried a diet change, especially success stories.

I cant go on with the medical route anymore.

Thanks in advance



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  • Hi I have the book and followed the diet for a few months and it was great. Didnt need the medication at all, only heat pads.

    After I had my last, 2nd lap and removed successfully all endo 100% i still follow gluten free diet and try to minimise other stuff as well as less bloating etc is always beneficial. xx

  • We found her book inspiring but found the recipes didn't turn out very well--we made some bread and even the birds wouldn't eat it!!! x

    I think Henrietta Norton's book (Take Control of Your Endo) is easier to follow with more easily managed suggestions.

  • Hi ladies, if you are on Facebook, I set up a Group to help with Diet Ideas for Endometriosis. It's a Closed a group, so very private...very friendly and some lovely recipes! You're welcome to join ..

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