NHS Commissioning Board is Consulting on Services for Severe Endometriosis

The NHS is running a consultation until 25 January 2013 for Complex Gynaecology Services for Severe Endometriosis. Service specifications and clinical policies have been developed and they want stakeholders to review these to ensure all their needs and considerations have been taken into account.

Here is the link engage.commissioningboard.n...

Towards the end of the page is the link to E10a Complex Gynaecology Services Severe Endometriosis. Click on this and you can read their proposals, and there is a link to comment on them.

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  • Great, thanks for the info, I had heard about this but hadn't been able to find it. x

  • Thank you I have unleashed my frustrations on those who can do something about them, well I can wish can't I?

  • Found this link... all the accredited endo centres in the UK.. sweet:


  • Isn't it beyond shameful that all but a three are in the South and South East. Aberdeen, Elland and Wirral to pick up the entire population north of London it seems.

  • At the start there is a brief mention of psychological support but I can't see any detail on that later. Am I missing something, or do they just mean pain clinics?

  • Great thanks for sharing this

    I no longer live in the uk but will be returning

  • Thank you for this, I will respond and am very pleased to learn that the NHS are planning to implement a defined care pathway - something I sadly don't have for my thyroid problems. I am also pleased to see that an aim is to preserve pelvic structures where possible. I have been treated privately so far and the first surgeon's response was to recommend total pelvic clearance. This is obviously simpler for the surgeon but not always in the best interests of the patient, so it is good to see that this won't be the only answer from the NHS.

  • I wish there was a 'like' button similar to Facebook for this post! :) x

  • We really need to fight to have endo acknowledged as a disease that is covered under the disability discrimination act /equality act . The true impact of this painful,psychologically affecting disease is being swept under the carpet. If men were suffering this ie. like the HIV virus all manner of help would be coming our way. Please fill in the petition to have it recognised under the DDA .

  • Hi Maydog,

    I have already signed this petition, as I agree it is so important for it to be recognised as a diability.


  • Thank you for that link, that was a very interesting read. Somewhat disturbing however that the most recent reference appears to be from 2006, it goes to show what an enigma this disease is.

    I'm also a bit uncertain about putting targets into the scheme of things, and figures being available for audit; we all know endo doesn't play to specific rules and I'm not sure therefore whether targets are helpful when it's surely quality of care that is key rather than quantity of women seen. Particularly when those women may suffer from the need to get as many on the conveyor belt as possible to meet those targets. And the quality of care being proposed certainly looks very good.

    Ooh though. If this is implemented there are going to be some private surgeons shaking in their shoes...