Spiders, stones and falling over

Well since I've been plagued with dry mouth all day, thanks to amitriptyline, my rant today is the weird and wonderful world of side-effects. Side effects that previous to endo would have had me nervously checking in with the GP but these days barely register on my radar.

The oddist of which is that I find if I take codeine with amitriptyline I see shadows flash accross my peripheral vision which my brain instantly interprets as a spider. This is probably due in part to the fact I have a huge phobia of the 8-legged freaks. On the plus side, if these episodes keep happening maybe in time I'll become desensitized to them and in turn reduce my fear of spiders!

Another odd side-effect of amitriptyline is the dry mouth which in turn has aggrivated an existing problem with tonsil stones. When tonsils are badly pitted and scarred from infection then food can get trapped in the pits and fester into whitish/yellow lumps. Yuck. So I now have to include cleaning my tonsils as part of my healthcare regime.

Finally, a more common side-effect is dizzy spells. It tends to happen if I've done too much but it's so hard to judge how much I can do each day, and nearly head-butting the toilet door is really not cool.

A friend sent me this on facebook:

'Why are there never any good side effects? Just once I'd like to read a medication bottle that says "may cause extreme sexiness" :-)

No codeine! 40mg ami, cerezette, loratine- good day

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  • LOL!

    Thanks for the laugh... I've given up on amitrip... I felt like a hippy trapped in 1967. Never noticed the dry mouth thing, but the dizziness and just general spaced-outness was ridiculous... that was just with 5mg!

  • Poor you but it did make me smile especially the extreme sexiness bit but not sure I could deal with that one at the moment although I'm sure my hubby could lol!! x

  • LOL I love to see humour when were all in pain!. Made me smile that!> :-) I too take 75 mg of Amitriptyline and get the "dry mouth" syndrome :-(. I too have tonsil stones which I dig out with cotton buds! All I can say is delicious Mmmmm LOL What interesting times we go through hahaha ;-).

    Dee x

  • I can think of one good side effect of the ones that dry you out.... you don't sweat nearly so much either, so no sweaty feet in boots or trainers, so no smelly shoes and socks and not much chance of sweaty arm pits or elsewhere either.It's only a small thing...but it is a bonus for having the dry mouth and in some cases tonsil stones too.

    Some do make you have an easier time on the loo.....which I never complain of, given the alternative.

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