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my gyno said lap not a option

I have impactual endo and highly possible more endo but my gyno does not want to do lap said he wants cut away 4inch wide and 3inch deep lump from under my ceaser scar .the pain I am in lately is hurendoues stinging and ache and stabbing from under my rib down to my groin its like all my organs on the right side are bad , yet he does not want to do lap How we going to find out whats going inside I am in agony , I have a scan arranged but app endo does not show on scans , any advice will be more than welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this xx

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I think you need a second opinion from another doctor, which you are intitled to!. Is this doctor a gynae specialist?. Your right in thinking that endo doesn't show up on scans, you can only establish this through investigation ie, Laporoscopy!.

Dee xx


Sometimes endo shows on MRI scans, I guess not every radiologist can pick it up, but some are specialist in that area.


May be a silly question but If he is cutting 3 inches deep under your scar will he get down to your internal cavity and be in a position to look inside anyway?


well you would think so wouldnt you ? he said " I will take that away send it off for testing and see how you feel if dont help we will start a treatment to stop your periods ? I am due for a scan in a few weeks of my pelvic floor plus all my right side to see if their is any gallstones or cysts ect ect


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