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Anyone ever complained to the nhs ?

Hi everyone

I have now been given a provisionsl date for my hysterectomy I can't believe it's not for 11 wks my referral was April last year and to saw gynae in aug but long story but was messed about And then saw them again in nov and a 5 month waiting list at least !! Can I complain has anyone else complained it should be an 18 wk pathway from referral to treatment not 9 months I can't wait another 11 wks , I am back to gynae weds as I insisted they saw me and I hope they can do it sooner !!! Any advice appreciated

Thanks x x

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I have had alot of problems with the NHS over the last few years long waiting times to see consultants, operations cancelled, i too had to wait over the 18 week pathway i complained and all i got was an apology letter saying this rarely happens! Maybe you could try your MP as I found all NHS bods stuck together even PALS and they were meant to help.


What are maximum waiting times?

You have the right to start your consultant-led treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from referral, unless you choose to wait longer, or it is clinically appropriate that you wait longer. This includes treatments where a consultant retains overall clinical responsibility for the service or team, or for your treatment. This means the consultant will not necessarily be present for each appointment, but will take overall responsibility for your care. The setting of your consultant-led treatment, for example whether hospital-based or in a community-based clinic, will not affect your right to treatment within 18 weeks.

If it is not possible to be seen within the maximum waiting time, the primary care trust (PCT) or strategic health authority (SHA) that commissions your treatment must investigate and offer you a range of suitable alternative hospitals or community clinics that would be able to see or treat you more quickly.

However, you will need to contact the original hospital, clinic or PCT first before alternatives can be investigated for you. Your PCT or SHA must take all reasonable steps to meet your request.

Patients with urgent conditions such as cancer and heart disease, will be able to be seen and receive treatment more quickly. For example, you have the right to be seen by a specialist within a maximum of two weeks from GP referral for urgent referrals where cancer is suspected.

Note: Referrals for investigations of breast symptoms where cancer is not initially suspected are not urgent referrals for suspected cancer, therefore, they fall outside the scope of this right


Hope this helps x x


Thanks that helps



Hi Catcat

It maystill be worthwhile contacting the PALS section of your hospital in the first instance to see what help they can offer you. The efficiency and ability of PALS will vary from one hospital trust to another and although fateful has had an unfortunate and less than satisfactory expereince with her local trust this does not mean your query will have the same outcome.

From my own experience I had to use PALS to chase up a scan appointment that never arrived after being told it would follow an outpatient appointment and I also used them to enquire about a forthcoming surgery date. Both times a PALS member of staff replied to my enquiries the same day and were able to sort out the missing dates within a short space of time. I was more than happy with the service they provided.

Hope you have some success in moving your hysterectomy date forward and good luck with the op and recovery afterwards.

Caroline, x


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