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Endo on Bowel

Hi Guys, I have posted on this site before and have to say I am so glad i signed up as I've received some fantastic support and advice. I really need some more advice, I'm starting to get really worried and think that I am not receiving the best advice from my doctors.

I have endo on my bowel, in fact it is covered (so the surgeon said) my left ovary and tube is stuck and wrapped round a part of my bowel. My womb, bladder and bowel are stuck together. My womb has stuck to and pulled up my rectum that everything is now stuck to the back of my body. I have pain going to the loo sometimes (opening bowels) and have awful pain in the bain, hip and legs.

I would like children and have asked for sperm donation (following last lap when surgeon thought everything was okay) I am single you see and it's a case so the Gynae doctor said of now or never for me to conceive i am 36 now.

Condition has got worse and during my vist with the fertitily doctor discussed various things, a lot of which went over my head. He doesn't seem concerned at all about the fact that I have two fibroids (4cm x 6 cm and 4 cm x 3 cm) as well as having all my pelvic organs stuck together. I asked for excision of the endo but he refused becuase I am single and wouldn't benefit as he says endo will come back quick. However I have read that women in their 30's who have this done have the same chances as women in their 30's who have never had endo in it reoccurring and some ladies have lived for years after without any problems.

I think his decision is based on money. that's the impression i got.

He is going to do a hystostopy to see what the condition of my womb is (it was bad last time Gynae Dr looked - adhesions etc) and asked advice from Singleton Hospital. I am so tired, this is dragging on and on,

I guess what I am getting to as is, it is dangerous to have endo on the bowel and should the Dr's seriously consider removing my endo because of the way my pelvic orgrans are stuck?

I have taken Zoladex, Cerezette and various other things. I need to preserve my fertility.

I don't know what to do, it's worrying me and my family. I don't even know how to go about looking for another Dr to speak to. I know it sounds silly but I've really had enough now. it's not fair.

Sorry for going on, really needed to get that all out.

Love to you all, god bless xx

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Endo on the bowel isnt dangerous, it does make bowel movements hurt, there is a big risk with removing endo from the bowel as you could end up with a stoma bag, they arent really keen to do that to ladies that are single and no children (im 1 of those :) )

I was told in november i would need IVF to have any chance of children but due to adhesions endo etc i would need to have a natural birth but my gynae would be in the delivery room with me to help the baby round the pelvis area.

With you wanting to start a family DRS and surgeons are reluctant to operate as it just means putting the family thing back again and again.

I have my left ovary, tube and part of my bowel removed last november, i need more surgery but they are reluctant to do it due to they way my body heals on the inside, its a big operation to get which will delay any treatment to have kids by at least 6months.

senga xx



I am in a similar state to you, ovaries completely embedded, bowel bladder and uterus stuck together and endo everywhere, like you they won't operate on my either and I'm private so it's not money stopping my gynae. It's major surgery to separate everything and remove all endo and my doctors are of the view that as things stand at the moment the benefits of having the surgery don't outweigh the risks, and they know I was trying to conceive. I struggled for a bit with the thought that everythings mashed together but they wont do anything about it but i do see how it could be the best thing to leave it be for now. They did previously try to unstick my ovaries but they stopped as they couldnt do it without risking my fertility. They think my organs have been stuck together for a while which is another reason why it's safer not to operate at the mo and see if I get pregnant first (after I finish 12mths prostap injections).

Whats best for you though completely depends on your own situation, and you are more than entitled to a second opinion if you are worried about things. x


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