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Anyone had success after laparoscopy removal of endo? (Not excision)

Has anyone had endo removed via laparoscopy and had improvement in pain? there is no option for me to have excision surgery as in my area the NHS will only do burning or laser removal.. and i cant afford to go private.. So im just looking for answers of success after surgery but without having excision..

thank x

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Where do you live roughly?. That's crazy!! I can't believe it!. I'm on day four of recovery after my first Lap and removal of Endo. My doctor stressed that the recovery time and pain factor is less significant with a Lap incision etc. I am still having pain but I think that is due to the inflamation, I still have my bowel pain as that is yet to be addressed as it is more complex and will require a bowel surgeon too.

You should go back to your doctor and speak to them about your pain, get them to refer you again to gynae, keep pushing and be forceful!.

Dee xx Good luck :-)


I've had three laps. The first was exploratory and I didn't know I had endo then.

I came round to find that the pain I had for decades in a very specific place had gone, I later found out they had burned off some endo. So, yes, you can have dramatic reduction in pain.

Are you sure that they won't do any excision during a lap? I've had three ops now, all laps (admittedly with maximum incisions) and a mixture of excision and burning/laser during them.

I'd ask for clarification, and then, if the treatment you need isn't available in your area they will need to send you out of area, won't they...

Good luck x


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