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Pressure feeling on Ovary


I wander if anyone else has this...

i first noticed it ages ago whilst on the loo i bent over to pick something up and noticed i cant - i get a pressure feeling and pain in the left ovary area. its been getting worse and feel this pressure and pain a lot even when i dont bend etc. can be there even just walking or sitting.

is this normal? i've never had a cyst before and wander if it could be!

Im currently on the mini pill to stop periods but take tramadol when endo pain is bad. havent seen gynaecologist in so long as all they keep telling me is i cant be in pain if i dont have periods!?!?!

dunno what to do and its getting worse


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Hi Danni

First of all, with all due respect to doctors everywhere, that whole "you can't be in pain if you're not bleeding" thing drives me mad. If you've got a tiny bit of endo near a nerve ending, you'll probably be in pain all the time.

I didn't know I had my first cyst until it burst, and the last time I had a cyst I also had absolutely no clue until I had a routine scan, and on the other hand I've been convinced there's been a problem before and scans have showed nothing. But if this is a new pain that you're very conscious of then it can't hurt to mention it to your GP. It might just be a progression of the endo, but it might be the beginnings of a cyst.

Good luck

C xxx


Thank you Chrissie!

i know about the doctor thing! its making me look like a hypocondriact keep going to them - i did give up going to doctors as the last Gynae told me the same thing and sent me to a pain clinic (which i wasnt keen on)

Thanks for the advice am deffo taking it further and getting it looked at! theres been a number of times on an ultrasound they have thought i had a cyst and then looked on the US and seen nothing!

such a pain in the bum!

Danni xx


Often quite literally!! :-D xxxx


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