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Argh...so frustrated

Have been waiting since september for a period...finally thought it had arrived on new years day as had some bleeding but now it appears to have stopped again. So fed up with it all as i am in limbo until had a period...gynae wants me to have period to see how it is before we continue investigations. Am terrified its going to be awful as havent had one for over 15 months. Want this year to be a good one but at moment not started well. No one seems to undrstand what im going through and hubby just nods and grunts!!

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I really feel for you, it's horrendous waiting for your period and not knowing how manageable it will be. I know what you mean about your husband nodding and grunts, my husband does exactly the same. Dont get me wrong he has been supportive but I think he is just sick to death of listening to me, im sick of listening to myself.

Last night was the worse it has been in a long time, I had stomach cramps ripping through me,horrendous aching back and my left leg was constantly aching. I nearly phoned an ambulance i was in that much pain and I'm one for just trying to get on with it. In the end after taking my medication I found some oramorth in the cupboard that doc had given me last time. I took 10mg and within half an hour the pain was more manageable.

I hope you have a pain free period just take painkillers when you think it may be due. X x


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