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Implant or Induced Menopause??


I was diagnosed with endometriosis 7 months ago and last week has my 2nd laproscopy and removal of the endo. I was told there was a big build up of the endo on my right side and some on my left side. However it is still actively growing and they couldnt get destroy all of it. They have told me that i need to go on some hormone treatment such as the implant for three years or have the induced menopause, Im not sure on what decision to make.

Hoping someone can give me some advice please? :)


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Hi Lou sorry to hear your diagnosis! I have Endo, adenomyosis and oestrogen dominance and have tried many things! I am currently in my 5th month of prostap/zoladex along

With a small dose if oestrogen to counteract side effects. They

Both work in similar ways, zoladex turns off ovaries to

Give medical menopause and implant will do same by tricking body into thinking ovaries switched off. Zoladex works for me but takes a good few months for your body to settle. I am listed

For complete radical hysterectomy as there is no further medical options for me and I've still got pain but lucky to have 4 children so I'm done!!! My friend had implant and that worked for her too, so I guess you'll just have to decide or yourself! Zoladex usually only licences for 6 months treatment as implant is a longer term treatment. I wish you well Hun, let me know how u get on;) Tracie xxxxx


HI i have had the implant, do you mean the one they put in your arm? I had this and bleed even more, everyone is different though. I have also had prostap which induced menopause I had this for 3/6 mths but could not cope with the horrendous side effects, mood swings, hot sweats, anxiety, depression. However I was not told about hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) which can reduce the side effect or even get rid of them all together. I read on this site somewhere that GP or hospitals are not prescribing prostap anymore due to the cost, I believe there are different types of hormonal menopause injections which do the same thing but the side effects are different. Hope this helps and maybe someone will come along with abit more knowledge.x


Thank you for your comments, It means alot.




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