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Zoladex / Decapeptyl & Sandrena Gel


I've been on Zoladex injections for a year now although my next prescription is for Decapeptyl. Has anyone else changed from Zoladex to Decapeptyl and had any positive experiences from it and found it to be as good in managing symptoms as Zoladex? (Have been told it is injected into the buttock as opposed to the stomach)

Have been told it is mainly due to cost reasons that the local Trust have made the decision!

Also just started applying sandrena gel (oestrogen) daily - again was wondering if anyone else has/is using this as HRT in combination with the mirena.

Melissa x

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Hi I've been on decapeptyl injections I found it works fab I had no periods and no pain, I'm also on the same tablet and gel your on too, sometimes I used three as I was having hot sweats really bad, but I have stopped the gel and just on the tablet and to be honest I hardly get sweats now, but the only issue is with the injection is it makes your bones weak. But you don't no about it, yes it goes in your bum and right or left side, but you can only be on it for so long but keep asking for it as much as they can give it too you, I suffer with stage four endrometiosis but I now and on the list for a hysterectomy as I can no longer have the injection, they are removing my womb and my ovaries, but my bowel is stuck to my womb so I have a slight chance of a stoma bag. So try and take it as much as you can cause once its stops they don't have any other medicine for it. I hope this has helped you good luck Natalie


Zoladex, Prostap and Decapeptyl are basically all the same drug but with different names; the differences are very subtle. My GP surgery doesn't prescribe Prostap on cost grounds so I have Zoladex instead

You shouldn't notice any real differences in terms of effectiveness, although the despite the claim that they are all the same drug, I find the side effects can be different

Good luck :)

C x


Hi Natalie & Chrissie

Thank you both for your advice and I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time of it Natalie!

I've already been on Zoladex for 1 year and my specialist has said I can have them for up to two years so have a little while yet. I was wondering what the next treatment would be after the injections..didn't realise there wasn't anything available!

Have you experienced period pains while on Zoladex/mirena/sandrena as I've been having a lot of lower back and stomach pains (period like) over the last few days despite all the treatments I'm on but haven't had any bleeding.

Melissa x


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