Zoladex and pain

Hello all

Just a question about zoladex.I have had 2 zoladex implants and the bleeding and pain that comes with that has stopped hooray,however i have had really bad bowel problems over the last few days and really bad pain on my right side back on some painkillers.

My question is has anyone had pain while being on zoladex is it endo?

I know i have some endo on my bowel wondering if this is the problem my consultant was keen to try zoladex before any more surgery.i am seeing him again in Jan for a catch up so i can ask him then but just wondered if anyone had had continueing pain while having the implants and was it endo or something else .Thank you any thoughts much appreciated.XX

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  • Thanks for this

    never even thought about urinary stuff so will bear this mind I do get fed up with analising every pain its very tiresome!!!thanks alotxx

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