Living with Endo and the hidden pain

For me, I think I am relatively lucky with my condition so far, or that's the way I like to think about it. Trying to keep a positive mind, if that's possible, is my moto.

Meeting so many other women with this condition, I know how bad it can or could be for me. The help groups that endometriosis UK do are great, I highly recommend them to everyone. You no longer feel alone or that your going mad with symptoms, as your pain or issues can be IBS, indigestion or anything normal. But we never know. Whether a harder life and more pain and complications is what the future has in store for me, I don't know, but so be it. There is no point to dwell on whats to come. Dealing with what symptoms you have now is the most important thing I can do. But in saying all that, its not always that easy. The amount of energy you need just to get by some days is exhausting. And fighting it is even more exhausting.

I have found after talking about it to friends/help group and to a counselor helped me. I feel more at ease with my condition and how it has affect my life. I have been so angry, confused, feeling I have no control over the past years, because it seems to have destroyed my career and parts of my daily life. My only advice to anyone, is to try and find peace within yourself, if its possible and stop fighting everything, as we need all the energy we have to manage just day to day.

How do you find peace? well if I could tell you that I am sure I would be rich. But just keep searching, talking, understanding and listening to yourself and others around you. Dealing with chronic pain that is hidden, were no-one can see is so very hard. As there are no outside visual symptoms or very few. So how do people around us cope, believe us or even try to understand? Hell knows is my answer, as living with the condition is hard enough to understand, even when you've got it your self.

Stop fighting has helped me find my inner strength to keep going, keep positive and keep coping. I hope you find the same. x

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  • Dear Karen,

    Your post is a real inspiration. Sometimes all we can do is acknowledge the things that are hard about having endo and look to others for support.

    I think, reading between the lines, that you have really shown how to find peace with this - and that means knowing that there are bad days but not giving up. It is hard on the bad days but we just keep trying :-)

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your strength with us.

    All best wishes,

    Carol xx

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