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Want to have a baby but frightened!!

Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed with endo but must have suffered with it for well over 10 years now. As part of my treatment they have given me the coil (after the surgery to burn it off etc). I now however want to start a famil with my husband (I am 31 and he is 32) btu am a little concerened that the pain will increase the moment the coil has been removed etc. Does anyone have any advice for me please. Thanks in advance. x

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Being pregnant is the best thing for your endo and to be honest my pain got worse with the coil. I would go for it, having a child is the most magical thing you'll ever experience. If you want to have a baby then just after having the endo removed is the best time to try. Good luck x


Thanks ever so much. I will try and get the coil removed asap. How did you cope with bringing up a baby and also the pain of Endometriosis though? x


i have 3 children and endo.chroni pelvic pain .it can be very hard..but u get into your own little routine..you defo need good people around you...i have freinds who i couldnt live with out..there the fone call wen i cant physically walk to school or wen i need to curl up in bed for hours...i dont know where id be with out people like them around me..i was told as well that if i wouldnt have had my kids wen i did which was young..i maybe would have struggled..so go for it...its true you never regret it..good luck x


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