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Have I got endometriosis?

I'm 22 and for the past 2 years have struggled with horrendous pains! Over the years it has got much worse and now it's to the point where I am in tears with the pain! I have an appointment to see a gynaecologist at the hospital but I can't cope with the pain and in general it's disrupting my life!

It started off with my periods being really painful and pain outside of my period, i was in hospital for 8 days and in the end they said i had IBS! I then started getting pains when having sex (which is now unbearable so I don't even bother!) I suffer with back pains and hip pains (which throb) and pain in the tops of y legs! If I go out or the day I know the evening and next day is written off as I can barely move with my muscles and am near enough in bed with the pain! This weekend I have been in so much pain I have felt nauseas and have been sick a couple of times! I'm currently taking mefenemic acid from my GP bit it's not doing a lot!

Am I right in thinking this is symptoms of endometriosis and if so what can I do to ease the pain.

Thankyou for any help Em xxx

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mine has happened over the last 3 months, since coming off cerazette. i get the leg pain too and general aching in the pelvis/hip area when i have my period i feel like i could die! stabbing pain everywhere. started a new job the other night and was in pain for 2 hours solid.

have you had an ultrasound scan or a transvaginal to make sure theres nothing wrong that the scan can see?

have you asked for prescribed meds to help with the pain? hot water bottles help too.

i can't have sex either. tried once again and it hurts too bad. feels like i need a wee too. it's awful :( someone on here told me to drink ginger tea as it's an anitinflammatory. also she said to cut out wheat/gluten, sugar, caffiene and bee propolis. haven't tried that yet. can get it from a health store though

i hope your pain gets better. i have a phone appt tomorrow with my dr. scares me cause she might say no further action. xxx


Yeh had all the scans I used to have PCOS bit even that has cleared up aswell! Going on the 18th to see the consultant hopefully they will arrange a laparoscopy for me, I'm off work again today in agony if I sit down pain only seems to ease when I am completely led down! I'm going to the doctors later to ask for stronger painkillers can't cope! Ill try cutting out the foods I'm goin to give the endo diet a try has anyone had any good results from it? Xxx


The syptoms you describe sound exactly like mine. I have had ultrasound and transvaginal scans which showed up as adenomyosis, fibroids, polps and an ovarian cyst. I have been to see a gyne and have now been booked to have an endometrial ablation operation. I am on mefenemic acid ( which dont really help, but should be taken up to a week before your period starts to be effective), tramadol which just knocks me out and diclofenac.

Do not let the doctor fob you off - ask to be referred (it took me 4 years) and dont give up keep on at them. Good luck.x


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