Hi everyone ive had diagnosed endo now for 5 years but sufferd with it since starting my periods and to be really honest I feel like ive just been diagnosed again everybody seems to have a stage or a level of endo what dose that mean?

im been refurrerd to gyne again on the 20th of December and im guna give them hell sick of not being listened to an sick of feeling like im not worth the treatment ive had 4 jobs in the past 5 years and everyone of them has not worked out because of my health or my mental health gets poorly and I carnt work and to top it all of ive been diagnosed with HMS hyper mobility syndrome and that's really painfull to sick of poping pills and being a zombie having no quality of life and no money or social life sorry to rant on and splurge all this out I just feel so isolated and to me it feels like my nearest and dearest don't understand and watching the pain it puts them through I don't talk I feel like im guna pop and really feel like im losing my mind guna phone the endo helpline!

*screams* I feel locked in my body and theres no escape and fight or flight is kicking in but it dosnt matter were I run it gose with me and other option fight? fight what myself < see mental lol I know this dosnt make much sence as the confussed mess that is me is really struggling ten thousands and 1 things to say bt they all wona come out at once please just somebody help!

thank you for reading

much love and especially tummy love to all you brave ladys


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  • Hi Lost one :)

    A big hug to you.

    I have been where you are. No hope, a sense of confusion, frustration and anger at everything and anything that you could find to somehow answer this endo!

    I couldn't take it anymore. I had experienced 7 operations for my endometriosis. They said I had stage 4 Endometriosis and that I only had a 25% chance of falling pregnant.

    That was over 5years ago now and things look very different. I changed something dramatic and made better choices for myself. I started with my diet and then it all kinda went from there. I recorded my journey on a blog for everyone and it really does work.

    You can see my journey at cureendometriosis.com. It is all about how I used any natural methods I could to heal and how it ultimately worked. I feel amazing now. No more pain and inflammation and I have heaps more energy :)

    I hope you find your healing journey. I also run a free facebook support group which might help you. It is all about natural methods and all the girls are really positive and lovely.

    Hugs again,


  • thank you for your reply and that helps loads I am a natural practioner myself its just not letting it take over me thank you again.


  • Hi Natureschild,

    It is a pleasure. Your body knowns how to heal - just let yourself trust in it's ability again :)

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