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Advice needed!

Hi all, i am new to this site and as yet haven't had a diagnosis of endo. i am 30 and have had3 children all by c section. When i had my last baby i was also sterilised. since i have had my baby i have suffered with dreadful pain particularly in my left side,i find that my tummy appears to swell and be really tender to the point where if i have of the childten on my lap the slightest touch or knock hurts and i also have very heavy periods with large clots and flooding and get regular pain after sex,i feel like i have a constant dull ache in my side which flares up and gets worse and then settles again.i spent the first year going back and forth to the doctors and the gp said it spunded like endo but didn't refer me just gave me tranexamic acid and.mefemic acid which didn't do anything to lessen the bleeding. i finally got refered to a consultant having haf a scan last december. the scan showed a cyst on my left ovary and the lining of my womb was too thick. i finally saw a consultant at the beginning of this year who reccomended i have the mirena coil.i had to wait 4 months as they put it in whilst i had a hysteroscopy.the hysteroscopy didn't show much up.i gave the coil 6 months but still had same pain and prolonged bleeding so had it removed. i saw consultant again recently and now i am waiting for another scan and to have the lining of my womb removed i was only in there for 15 minutes.i just feel like they don't really believe me an my own gp said it sounds like endo but i haven't had a laperoscopy as far as i can tell they just think the lining of my womb is too thick and that's what is causing all my problems. i think i will still have pain even if i have this next proceedure. it has such an impact on my life as i have 3 kids to look after and its made me so miserable.has anyone had simular problems?

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Your symptoms sound very 'endo' like but you really need to have the laparoscopy for a proper diagnosis so I would press for this. You could also have adhesions from the scar tissue following your c-sections.

Those painkillers didn't really help me either, just left me woozy enough to care less about the pain levels.

I also feel for you re bringing up 3 small children. I remember the pain I felt when my daughter was younger and wanted sit on my lap or when I had to push the swing in the park. I'm not sure how I got through it as I was in agony most of the time.

Just keep being a nuisance until you get all the right check ups. You don't want to miss out having fun and enjoying your children because your life is being restricted by pain.

Lots of luck. xx


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