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Does anyone ever get days of being in agony and then suddenly you have less pain before it builds up again?

Sometimes i will be in agony as if i could faint for days on end, then it seems to dissapear for a while or get less and then often returns. Does this sound like endometreosis? Awaiting diagnosis and have lots of other symptoms but this has confused me and thought maybe I haven't got endo now or maybe something pushing on a nerve? Anyone ever get this?

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yep I get this, sometimes I'm ok and sometimes I'm really not for no apparent reason. There are some things that spark off my pain like sex leave me hurting for a couple of days, if I lift something quite heavy I'll hurt for a couple of days, if I move in certain ways its like a stabbing pain then a dull ache for days. It is very unpredictable. xx


Thank you, that's so helpful. Feel like such a fraud. Yesterday I could hardly walk and was crying my eyes out and today is just a dull ache and some twinges...I don't know what happened to make it better! I keep referring to pain as all caused by samething which I feel it is, but makes it very hard for people around to understand, especially when I don't understand myself. It also scares me just waiting for that awful pain to return. Do you mind me asking what type of endo you have?Thanks again for your reply xxx


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