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Has anyone had their periods change post laparoscopy?

I had my last lap in August. Since then I've had 4 periods. The last 3 have lasted 10 days whereas pre- op they lasted 6. It is draining and means my pain starts earlier every month. It's weird as before it used to come on heavy straight away the subside towards the end, now I spot for 3 days before the flood but the pain is still intense during the spotting days. Had anyone else experienced long term changes in their cycle. I really hopes my last lap would benefit me but it seems the opposite has happened and I don't know what I can do. I can't tolerate the pill/ hormones so that's not an option. Thanks ladies...

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I had 2 laps in 5 months time, so I cant speak for long term changes.

After my first lap, my periods became shorter by 1-2 days, the pain of my first period though post-op was excruciating, but it gradually became better.

I had my 2nd lap 12 days ago and I'm expecting my period in 10 days or so, and I'm quite anxious to see what will happen.

My gynae told me that there it is common to have a change in the period cycle after a lap, but you need to talk with your doctor as it seems that you are suffering more post op than before.

Jo x


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