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4 days to go to my hysterectomy, and I'm coming down with a cold and an ear infection.

do you think my opp with be cancelled?

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I had the same problem, if your cold is from throat (e.g. sore throat and upwards, as a head cold) and no fever no cough, then they will do the operation.

If you have a chest cold/infection though they will wait for you to be better as it the anaesthetist wont take responsibility as it is dangerous.

i came down with a cold 3 days before my lap (2 weeks ago) but I had no fever, no coughing, but my chest was very sore. So my gynae the day before sent me to see the anaesthetist and she didnt want to operate me as any virus in chest could spread into lungs during anaesthisia and cause pneumonia.

My lap was postponed for a week as they sent me home with some antibiotics to recover.

You need to feel good hun cause you need all your strength to recover.

Good luck x


I've only just come down with it, at the momment it a head cold, the nurse has put me on very strong antibiotics for my ear infection. So this should stop any infections going to my chest. FINGERS CROSSED.

And no more work now, I've had to finish two days earlier than planned.

I've been told to stay at home, keep warm, drink lot of water and get lots of rest...


Yes exactly, loads of fluids, water etc, vitamin C and zinc supplements are good and rest. As long as it doesnt go to your chest or you have fever you will be fine.

I know exactly how you feel, I was so depressed when they sent me home :/

You will be fine, best of luck :) x


I can't belive it, I was due to have my operation today, but got a phone call yesterday about 4pm telling me my op has been cancelled due to not enough beds!!!!

I was so upset I was crying down the phone, the next date they could offer is on the 20th December.... Just before Christmas.

I'm going to be calling them later this morning... to try and bring that forward, if not get one for first thing in January. :(