Managing pain

One of the challenges of endometriosis that many ladies face is how to manage pain. For me, the type of pain associated with my endometriosis is quite broad - from the very acute (and thankfully less frequent) debilitating type that means normal activities are out of the question, to the day-to-day chronic pain that gnaws away at me and saps my energy.

Personally, I find the latter more difficult to manage because of the frequency of it. Overall it is less debilitating and I can often carry on doing things, but it is exhausting. For this reason, I often resort to prescription medication because it blots out the pain. But sometimes I know I just need to take things easy and try and relax. Talking to friends helps me, as well as hot baths and watching films. I just give myself permission to take things easy. It has taken me a while to reach this point as I would rather be busy. I have also found pilates useful. It works on core muscles and I find it relaxing.

The other aspect of pain is that it is very individual and you can't always tell that someone is suffering from chronic pain. If someone says to me "you can't be in that much pain because blah blah blah" I know that they don't really get it. But I feel happy that they don't experience this sort of problem. Pain can be isolating. Sharing our experiences with other sufferers helps alleviate that isolation.

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  • Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and am trying to make sense of it all. I'm glad I've found this website, it really helps knowing there are others in similar situations.

    Managing pain is something I've been trying to get my head round, what you've written here really strikes a chord. It's such a difficult aspect to explain and understand for myself and for others. It's not just the physical part of it, it's the emotional and psychological aspects. It's felt like there's been a black cloud over my head for weeks, but thankfully it's starting to lift and I'm doing what I can to learn how to live with endometriosis.

    I hope you don't mind me commenting but as I read your post it seemed mirrored with how I've felt recently.

  • me too this is exactly how ive been feeling im nearly at the point where i have to tell myself today im not going to do anything(but i do feel guilty) but i know if i dont have these days the nxt can get worse, sometimes it can just be gruelling so glad i found this site it makes me feel not so alone and not silly for aalways feeling in pain, just wish none of us had it! x

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