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Hi GIrls,

I had a Lap on the 19th Sept, for investigatory reasons as we had been trying to get pregnant for 15 months. The Lap showed i had Endometriosis on my bladder and uterus, my doctor removed all the endo, and said my chances of conceiving had greatly improved, and the endo was probably the reason i hadn't conceived yet.

I was shocked i had endometriosis as i never really had many symptoms, apart from period pains all through my cycle. I had my first period a week after my op, and all seemed ok, and to be honest i was still in a little pain from the op so didnt take much notice to my period. I started this months period yesterday and this has been the same but about a week before i came on i had quite strong pains, in my lower stomach, it felt like someone was stabbing my ovaries, this got my hopes up and i convinced myself i was pregnant as i thought these pains weren't going to happen after the op, resulting in me abit of a emotional mess when my period showed up!!!!! My Poor Husband!!!

I was wondering if anybody had pains after a Lap or what your periods were like?!



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  • Hi

    I had a lap at the beginning of july and my periods have been bad since and pain is the same, however I haven't had all endo removed as both ovaries are very stuck and embedded in my sides and have Endo around them but the surgeon decided my best option fertility wise was to leave them stuck for now.

    I've had 4 cycles, the pain was so bad with the second period that I passed out, my GP told me it was most probably due to the lap and I was still healing and things would take a little time to settle down. Hopefully this is what's going on with you, it's really early days post-lap still but I know it's really difficult not to get your hopes up each month! However if you're worried about the pains you had before your period I would discuss it with your GP or gynae x

  • It takes a long time to heal from a lap honey - they might be little incisions but they are deceptive when you consider all the work they do inside.

    When you said about a week could it have been a bit longer as it could have been ovulation if it was 10-14 days.

    Hope you start feeling better soon and get over the shock xxx

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