Another one looking for a really good endo specialist. Please tell me your experiences!

If you have read any of my other questions you may already know that I am having ongoing problems with "minimal" endometriosis that was diagnosed and "treated" by diathermy by lap in may.

Basically my pain didn't even reduce, let alone stop, and my gynae was very dismissive when I went back and said I was still getting pain. I have a new referral now being processed by my gp, so this time I want to choose a specialist who knows what they are doing andcan at least make a decent go of sorting it out, or at least be nice about it if it doesn't work.

I could maybe just about learn to live with the pain if I felt they had genuinely done all they can, but right now I don't feel that is the case.

Any stories about good consultants who are especially good at treating painful minimal endo would be much appreciated. And how you went about getting referred to them. I am in the south west but would be willing to travel anywhere if it meant getting this sorted even just temporarily!

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  • Mr George Pandis or Mr Alfred Cutner UCLH, Euston Road, NW1...Endometriosis Centre. Some of best Gynea's in the country! I have referred these guys to ladies on a number of occasions and they do not disappoint! Very sympathetic and know exactly what they are talking about!

    Here's the link:



  • Thanks so much for your response! I will look into it.

  • Hi i was referred to a Professor Tim Rockall, based in Guilford and you can look him up on internet as he has a private practice as well, he has a really good reputation x x

    I'm still being investigated x

  • Hi, I had laparoscopic diathermy and subsequently had endometrial ablation by Mr James English in Worthing. I think he consults in Brighton now but he is an excellent surgeon and very good at treating endometriosis. I would definitely recommend him, in fact I am hoping to go back to see him as I fear the endo is returning, but I did have it quite severely and it is attached to other internal organs. I am now on HRT at the age of 44, I had an early menopause, not sure if that was anything to do with the endo or not. Good luck, its definitely worth finding a good and sympathetic surgeon.

  • if you are looking in torbay mr. hindley at torbay hospital has been good to me, he's scary but amazing!!!

  • I have found your post today and even though it was a long time ago Mr Hindley is the man I am supposed to see. Can you elaborate?

  • Mr hindley said very good he's my consultant pm me if you need any help

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