Anyone else have constant heavy bleeding?

For the past 8 weeks or so, I've been bleeding continuously and quite heavily every day even while on the Pill (I take Microgynon). Gynae put it in my notes while I was being referred for my first lap but I can't seem to find much information on this symptom being a part of endometriosis. It's worrying me a lot - if I'm bleeding from inside my uterus then will they find the cause of that externally with the laparoscopy?

Does anyone else experience this? Sorry if I'm not making much sense, it's just becoming really tiring.


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  • Hi

    I have read in this forum that some women had problems with non-stop bleeding while having endo, but not all of us, as I have endo and I have 4-5 days period.

    But saying that, I had a major problem a while ago with non-stop bleeding for months because of PCOS. You might have to ckeck with ultrasound. x

  • Hi

    I bleed almost constantly for about 9/10 months and then it just stopped and went back to a more "normal" pattern. I would have my period for about 10-12 days then a couple of days break (about 48 hours if I was lucky!) and then bleed again for 7-8 days (over ovulation) and then a few days later I'd be at my next period and it just went on and on like that - and yes its very tiring so I feel for you, I ended up very worn out.

    I had quite a few scans at the time and had cysts on both ovaries which can cause bleeding over ovulation and may have been the cause of my bleeding but there are other things it could be, e.g. breakthrough bleeding is quite a common side effect to the pill. I have a friend with endo who had her period constantly for about 8 months and completely baffled the doctors as they couldn't work out what the problem was and just kept saying it was nothing to do with endo but they never worked out what it was!

    I think it would be worth going to your GP as bleeding for that long needs to be looked into.

    Good luck and I hope you get a break from it soon x

  • I have spells like this where I literally bleed for months with only a few days of light relief, then I go into months and months of nothing; they said mine is likely related to PCOS like Jojo. However, they did bloods, externals, scans, and a smear before they reached that conclusion. It doesn't mean it's anything to worry about but absolutely 100% needs checking (polyps and erosion can call this).

    Good luck, try and eat well, and rest when you need it x

  • Hi,

    I've been having the same problem but for a while longer. I can't believe you have been referred for a Lap already! You must have a great GP & gynae which is good! It's taken me nearly two years just to be referred to a consultant!

    Have you had other tests done? Such as the ultrasounds and blood tests? I've found that a Lap is usually the last thing they do for diagnosis but from what i've also read there is a 1 in 3 chance that they'll find the patch of endometriosis that is causing the problem.

    Keep your chin up!! xx

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