Hi all, just a quick question about mebeverine. I have been prescribed it today after telling doc that during my period the co-codamol and naproxen dont give me much relief from my pain. I understand its an anti-spasmodic drug usually given to ibs sufferers but he said that it could help with with the uterus pains aswell as this would be because my uterus is spasming. Has anyone here been prescribed this drug even though they dont seem to be having many symptoms of ibs? and if so how did you get on with using it? Were there many side effects and did it relief your pain?

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  • Hi

    Before my first lap and diagnosis of endo, they told me that I had IBS (how typical) and they gave me mebeverine.

    I was taking them for 2 weeks or something and they did nothing for the pain at all, but they made me go to the toilet loads lol

    Each person is different though, give them a try for a few days.

  • thanks for replying jo,

    Yes Im defiantly going to give them a try, Anythings worth a shot at the moment. Suppose doctor could be right in prescribing them if my pains are ibs related but like you Im unconvinced I have problems in that area. Its all hit and miss with treating the symptoms of endo pain and this is what im learning lol.

  • that why the tablet are for to make you go to the toilet as i was having problems going to the toilet and it will make your body a bit better and if you dont, you end up having so many stomach cramps and swollen tummy... and it helps to do with the spasm of your tummy... as i have IBS too... so please take it as it does help to be honest...

  • When I started out on the endo/ibs pain trail many years ago they blamed all the pain on ibs. Eventually had the Endo removed by laser, after many months of pain clinic they found the pill that helped me. I am now in the same pain but specialists just poo poo the idea of the pain being endo so have ibs which I have been given mebeverine. I found that taking it as prescribed caused extreme tiredness and affected my eye sight as it really does relax muscles. Now I only take it when I am desperate for some pain relief as I don't want my eye sight getting any worse. If I were you, i would give it a try when you are in pain with endo or ibs anything is worth some pain relief.

  • I am on Buscopan, prescribed among a cocktail of painkillers, my doctor also says it will help with the spasms of the uterus. Along with everything else, I am still in pain, had it every day for 3 months, mainly lower back period pain. Also an "IBS" sufferer. Have my first Gynae Clinic appointment tomorrow, wish me luck I can get consultant to listen and understand.

    Wishing you all temporary (if not permanent) pain relief x

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