cramps, pain in the legs, diarrhea - Does anyone else have these symptoms (in this order)?

Hi ladies,

I was wondering if others also suffer from severe diarrhea despite not having the endo in the rectum.

I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis in the Pelvic Peritoneum and Endometriosis uteri.

My doctor said that the diarreah shouldn't be related to my endometriosis.

But it always comes before my period and after my lypo last year it went away for some time. After half a year it came back though as my other symptoms have. (Trying a different contraception pill now to get it in control)

So I am sure the diarrhea (coming with cramps & leg pain) is related to the endo. Does anyone else with Endometriosis in the Pelvic Peritoneum have these symptoms?

And if so, have you found any diet change to help?

I can deal with my other symptoms, the constant pain in the lower stomach and in the lower back, or just the general feeling of being tired and weak.

But sometimes it hits me out of the blue, when I'm at work or out. It hurts so much that I need to stop what ever I'm doing and (if I could) just lay down till it is over. But if I am in meetings that's obviously not possible. I don't want anyone to know what's going on in those situations but it is hard to deal with especially since I know I will need to find a toilette within the next 10 minutes. I tend to just press on my stomach to suppress the pain somehow. But then I will not be able to concentrate on the situation around me (like the meeting).

I really just want to find out if there are girls out there who deal with the same problem and if so, if they have tips of how to do it better.

I appreciate your comments.

Best wishes

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  • Hi I'm 19 and was diagnosed with the same type of endo just over a year and half ago. I have exactly the same problem out of no where I will feel like I am about to give birth as the pain is so hurrendous and then withing 5-10 mins I feel like I have to go to the toilet and I have diorreha this lasts all day once it starts then and I will be in constant pain. Despite having no endo within my bowel/rectum I went back to my gynae monday who is now sending me for an MRI scan to see if there is any disease between my rectum and vagina if there is then I will under go a serious op to remove the disease as to which she explained I could then end up with a colostomy bag (a lot to take in at 19) but if there is not disease there I will under go another laperoscopy to see if there is any scar tissue from the endo to be removed. I have found nothing helps with this type of pain which is why I went back to my gynae so maybe you should too to have a chat. Sorry hope this helps.

  • Diarrhoea is a commen symptom with Endo giving u ibs like symptoms but if its causing too much pain and distress then go back to ur gynea xx

  • This is the 2nd time I've had it, I did have an operation the first time which solved it for many years. But yeah I get those symptoms though i haven't been diagnosed yet this time. I know I have it again though cos of having it before

  • Hi girls,

    and thank you for your imput.

    Charlottemay, I am sorry to hear about your developement.

    I have moved to the UK from Germany and had a pill there that kept the symptoms to a bearable level. (But as times passed by they still grew stronger and stronger)

    My UK Gynae now gave me an English pill with the same ingredients. So I hope it helps.

    If not urgently necessary, I would like to avoid another operation.

    But if the pain and symptoms don't go away I might have to consider it.

    I just wanted to say that it feels good to hear others are in the same position and I'm not going crazy.

    Sometimes people make me feel like they don't believe me and as if I was just overly sensible. Sometimes I feel like noone understands what I'm going through at all.

    So being able to speak to some other women with the same problems, who know what I am talking about, feels very good.

    Thanks a lot.

    And good luck to you Floridabride, Emmashead and charlottemay.

    Best Wishes,


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