Bowel Treatment?

I am to have surgery on Monday and as such have to do bowel treatment on Sunday. I have done this once before but it made me so ill I'm dreading it. Does anybody have any tips of how to make the effects less harsh i.e. specific drinks etc? I'm guessing there is no way of making the effects any less than what they are but just wondered how others got through it. xxx

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  • Hi hun

    I had bowel treatment for a colonoscopy few months ago, and I know how you feel, its really nasty!

    I guess you are allowed only clear liquids as I did.

    So I had loads of lemonade full fat, it is clear liquid plus it gives you some energy because of the sugar.

    Good luck :)

    Jo x

  • Hi. I found having just rice crispies and a tiny bit of rice and some jelly made it less horrible. The first time i bowel cleansed i'd eaten eggs and toast off the meal options and suffered for it once i took the grotty sachet of picolax. Hope it goes ok for you x

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