Had 2nd lap yesterday, no endo found now totally at a loss as to what next. still convinced it is gynae but think gynae will tell me to go back to gp to go elsewhere.

My symptoms are pelvic pain, stitch like pain in sides, sciatic nerve pain on occasion. Tiredness, emotional, migraines, bloated on occasion.

I have not had a period in 14 mths due to Zoladex implants, now waiting first period in that time. zoladex did not work after starting livial (worked amazingly for 4 mths then after livial stopped working) since have zoladex again without livial but did not work, hence gynae thinking not a gynae problem. I am convinced it is gynae as even t hough don't have periods pain is worse once a month and get usual symptoms of period due. Just wish I had an idea of what was going on. Would they have found adenomyosis with my lap yesterday, or is it only if they are looking speciffically for it?

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  • Adenomyosis !!!

  • They don't find adenomyosis in a lap. The only way to properly diagnose it is to have your womb dissected after a hysterectomy! They can see if your womb wall is thick with an internal ultrasound but that often misses it too. The consultant came to the conclusion that I have it because of the treatment that worked for me (norethisterone back to back 6 monthly). He told me that they found no endo in my last lap, they did find adhesions and scarring but nothing to cause the sever pain I get. He used all this to diagnose me with adeno. I've heard MRI scans can detect it but they're very expensive so dr's don't like to refer unless it's life threatening :(

    Have you ever tried norethisterone? might be worth asking your gp to try as if it helps your symptoms then they know its gynea and can't argue with you.

    Good luck hun xx

    (I apologise to the people who have read a few replies like this one to various posts lol)

  • Just a quick note x Adenomyosis can be seen via MRI - on this link it is the red to white areas that beat in time with the patient's pulse. The 'throbbing' indicates the blood flowing out of the adeno tumours. Because of this leaking of blood - the patient is haemorraging constantly which leads to anemia which IS life threatening. They will perform a colour doppler MRI scan

  • It may be adenomyosis. Please feel free to visit the Adenomyosis Advice Association website and join the Facebook/Twitter pages for information on diagnosis and support x Danielle, Founder of the adenomyosisadviceassociatio...

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