Hi, has anyone any experience of endo in the lung?

I'm getting quite concerned about a persistent cough and chest and back pain and shortness of breath, always cyclical. GP is not sympathetic and will not even examine me. She says it is muscular due to sitting at a desk and I should do yoga! I don't want to be a hypercondriac, but I have read that it can be quite serious and I am convinced there is something going on here. Would appreciate any advice.

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  • You shoudnt think the extreme cases, find a GP that could do some tests and check your stomach too.

    Weeks ago I thought I was having a heart attack and I was rushed to A & E only to find out that this extreme chest pain etc was acid reflux (my stomach was not even in pain) combined with muscular problem.

    I know from a family member that she had persistent coughing for weeks and it was bacteria in her stomach, after having gastroscopy she was diagnosed. xx

  • Hi, thanks very much for this. I had wondered about it being stomach related as I know of people who've had gallbladder, pancreatic problems and have experienced chest discomfort. Its all quite close together I guess. I'm seeing a gastro consultant next week so maybe he will be able to shed some light on it. Many thanks for your advice.

  • Hi yes I had endometriosis in my lung....But I had no pain at all with it Absolutely no problems with it until my period started then I started coughing up blood.... Not copious amounts but enough to be distressing... Had a day in hospital to have camera in my lung .. Showed a nice patch of tissue attached to my lung... It also attached itself to my appendix .. Had that out ... But continued coughing up blood until I had my son then had a hysterectomy a 35... On very low dose hrt and every symptom and pain that plagued me for years gone over night...

  • Hi I know it has been a while but I was wondering how big the lesion on your lung was? I have a 4.5cm lesion on my left lung and have just had a full hystorectomy aswell but still get the coughing up blood each month and sometimes in the mornings when it is cold. Also get severe pain in my lung now and then? Interested just to see if it might just be the size of my lesion that is the issue still?

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