Dismissed from work 7 weeks after telling them I have endo

Has this happened to anyone else. They have come up with a load of very weak reasons, but after working for them for four years have ultimately been sacked. I had a large fibroid removed in June and they found I had endemetriosis (I have suffered for about 15years with terrible pain but was always told by doctors it was normal).it was a lap so had weeks off to recover. My sickness record over the years has not been the best but I hit all my targets and thought I was doing okay. I am appealing but feel at a loss as how to go about getting another job. Has anyone been through anything similar?

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  • I read it that they haven't actually sacked you, but terminated your employment due to redundancy of position? If this is the case you should ask for a compromise agreement. This means your employer has to pay for you to have legal advice, and they can request things on your behalf - basically it pays for your silence, but if done right you can get a decent pay off (3 months garden leave, and a good redundancy package). They can also ask that it is classed as "post redundant" so you won't have any problems getting benefits or when applying for a new job.

    Good luck honey, I know it's hard x

  • You need to seek legal advice - you can get this from a variety of employment solicitors for free dyring initial consultations then run with the one you trust the most.

  • I'd be interested to know what process they used? They cant just call you in and dismiss you. Were there any warnings which lead to your dismissal? Also you need to be in possession of their absence/attendance procedure to see if they followed their own procedure correctly. This is one of the first things that a Tribunal would look for to decide if it was fair or not. Just asking for the procedures will make them a little worried if they are in anyway on shaky ground (take it from someone who has been in HR for years!!) You need to be in possession of all the info you need before your appeal - you'll only get one shot at it, delay the date if you need to.

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